Echo Youth and Family Services has been a provider of Chaplaincy services to schools in Melbourne’s Eastern Dandenong Ranges since 1986. Currently our services include both Primary and Secondary State Schools and our Chaplains offer support to over 2000 children, young people, parents, school staff and their communities.

Echo Chaplains journey with the whole school community, including students, families and staff. They respond to issues and critical incidents as they arise, as well as facilitating proactive relationship building, small group activities and programs to ensure improved well being for young people and their communities.

The Chaplain’s role and responsibilities include providing support in areas such as:

  • Student social wellbeing – anger, anxiety, peer relationships, loneliness and bullying.
  • Family difficulties such as family breakdown, parenting support and grief.
  • The development of self–purpose self-esteem and mental health.
  • Support of students ‘at risk’.
  • Supporting students and staff to create an environment of cooperation and mutual respect.

Our Chaplains respect, accept and are sensitive to all people’s views, beliefs and values and work closely with the school Wellbeing teams, referring or sourcing appropriate services to meet their particular needs.

Meeting the physical, emotional, social, spiritual and intellectual needs of students is important as schools aim to develop the whole person and produce resilient, competent and successful individuals. While a variety of services are required to meet the diverse range of needs within a school community, our Chaplains play a distinct role in providing ongoing practice looking after the personal needs of students.

Our chaplains are funded by the Federal Government through the National School Chaplaincy Programme.

Training and supervision of Echo Chaplains is funded by community donations and Echo Youth and Family Services are also part of the Inspire Chaplaincy Network.