ECHO Youth and Family Services was founded in 1984 and began as a youth group attached to St Mark’s Anglican Church in Emerald. Originally known as Emerald Centre for Hope and Outreach, it is best known by the acronym ECHO. Over the years ECHO expanded to include a range of programs for all ages and eventually became an independent charity.

ECHO Youth and Family Services focuses on the Eastern Dandenong Ranges communities providing support to youth and families through a range of programs, including youth mentoring, playgroups, school chaplaincy, financial services, food aid, and digital mentoring.

The ECHO Management Committee is a group of local people committed to supporting the community and they employ the ECHO CEO who oversees the daily operations for all of our programs. ECHO Youth and Family Services receives funding from philanthropic organisations, government, and donations from the community.

Echo Staff and Volunteers, December 2018