Welcome to the Ready2Go Pilot application process for communities. While you might have an understanding about the project here are some details that will help you inform your application.

What is Ready2Go? Ready2Go is community-led disaster resilience program which supports people living independently who are unable to adequately safeguard against the effects of extreme heat and other emergencies. The program matches vulnerable residents with volunteer community members who can provide information, support and early relocation, prior to high risk events, including visitation checks, especially in urban and peri–urban settings.

The Ready2Go program was born out of a recognised need to assist vulnerable people during heatwaves and prior to other serious weather events, such as storms and bushfire danger days.

This need was identified by the community of Cockatoo, in Victoria, after the Black Saturday bushfires and the accompanying heatwave. It is now known that 374 people died from preventable heat-related illness in the two weeks prior to 7 Feb 2009. This figure does not include those who tragically perished during the bushfires that occurred that day.

We know that supporting vulnerable people to remain living within their communities and helping those people to have strong social connections can be an important part of improving health outcomes and becoming more resilient.

The Ready2Go program provides a valuable outlet to assist vulnerable residents to build friendships and become more connected to their community and other support services, while ensuring they are safe during high risk conditions.

The aim of the program is to:

  1. Increase social connections thereby strengthening the individuals’ capacity for independent living.
  2. Reduce the potentially fatal impact of heatwaves by providing strategies to reduce these impacts, which may include a means of transportation and early relocation for those who are isolated at home without a car.
  3. Prevent loss of life during periods of predicted or forecast, storm and bushfire danger days by assisting participants to develop their personal risk plan, which may include transport, support to prepare for being away from home and ongoing contact to ensure they are coping well.

2018 and beyond

Echo Youth and Family Services have been jointly funded by Gandel Philanthropy and Lord Mayor’s Charitable Foundation through the Eldon and Anne Foote Trust. This funding will enable us to pilot Ready2Go with a further ten communities across Victoria over the next two years. The application process will help us determine which of the following three tiers best suit your community.

Tier 1: Your community is ready to be considered as a pilot community starting 2018.

Tier 2: Your community is almost ready and with coaching will be considered for a 2019 position as a pilot community.

Tier 3: We will support your community to undertake the necessary work in order to become a pilot community in the future and your community will be eligible to apply again in 2020.


The Application Process

The application process consists of three parts.

  1. Communities complete the attached application process and submit it to Echo Youth and Family Services along with the required attachments. If you require assistance with the form, please contact Wayne Collins on 0407 824 323.
  2. If you feel that a question in the application does not relate to your organisation/group/community feel free to simply answer N/A. Unfortunately the application form cannot be saved until it is completed, so we recommend you keep a copy of your answers in Word and cut and paste into the form.
  3. You will be contacted once your community has been assessed regarding which tier you best fit into.
  4. We will make time to meet with Tier 1 communities with the goal of launching 6 tier one communities in 2018.
  5. Tier 2 communities will be able to meet and discuss their next steps during 2018.
  6. Tier 3 communities will be asked to undertake some work over the next 12 to 24 months to move to tier 1 or tier 2 status in readiness for applying again in the future.

Echo Youth & Family Services will provide selected pilot communities with:

  1. Mentoring support
  2. Program manuals
  3. Evaluation and Reporting templates
  4. Training
  5. Seeding funding
  6. Assistance to link into the wider emergency management sector (if needed)

Pilot communities will be responsible for:

  1. Coordinating the implementation of Ready2Go pilot in your community
  2. Gathering Evaluation Data
  3. Providing regular progress reports
  4. Recruiting:
    • Pilot steering committee membership
    • Relocation and support organisations
    • Volunteers
    • Participants

To apply click here