ECHO Therapeutic Horsemanship

ECHO is excited to partner with Horses for Humanity in a new initiative offering young people in our local area the opportunity to participate in Therapeutic Horsemanship programs. Participants interact with specially trained horses to gain a new perspective and develop self-awareness, composure and communication skills that they can apply to other areas of life. Horses have a unique ability to provide immediate and non-judgemental feedback about how they perceive humans. Through learning to build and maintain connection with the horse, participants discover and practice respectful, assertive communication, and develop their skills in noticing, describing, and regulating their thoughts and emotions.


Program Streams:

  1. The ECHO ReSet program is a 4-session course for individuals. Skills development includes confidence in learning, assertiveness, calmness, problem-solving, focus and perseverance, empathy, communication and personal responsibility.
  2. The Human Equine Leadership Program is a 10-session course for small groups. It covers the same skills as ReSet with a focus on leadership, and participants will have the opportunity to gain an international horsemanship accreditation. It will pilot in 2021.

The ECHO Therapeutic Horsemanship Program is supported by the Victorian Government and additional places are made available for those in need through donations from the community.

If you would like refer a young person to the ReSet program, please contact 0401 001 390 or visit Horses for Humanity website click here.

To sponsor our horses or help people to complete the courses, you can donate below.